Published date: 14.10.2021.


Football Coach: the Game is a football management game that has been in production for a few months already. Game is being designed with Robert Lewandowski.

Rafał Cymerman, CEO of RL9 SportGames: I remember our first meeting with Robert regarding the game. We were talking about the most general ideas for Football Coach. I had an idea to emphasize coach’s personality more. I didn’t know how to bring together different development paths. Robert said ‘let’s have a choice of coaches.’ And that’s what we’ve done. It was a great idea. 

Lewandowski’s ideas are visible from the first scene of therecently-published game trailer. Just like the player from Bayern said, the player has different manager classes like in an RPG game. Each class has their own style that will impact the gameplay in many ways, exactly like choosing a class in an RPG game determined your playstyle. It will be a different career with a coach modelled after the new wave of trainers, who does not skip any analytical aspect. It will be different for a football legend who has a natural charisma, or for a coach with the past in the stands.

Rafał Cymerman: Starting from day one we were focused on one question: how to make Football Coach different from its competition. How to make the fans of football games feel like they’ve never played a football management game like this.

It must be stated that Football Coach does not intend to compete with the cult classic Football Manager. Robert Lewandowski’s game will be a part of the developing market of online football management games that focus heavily on the multiplayer experience. The player, along with a traditional league structure, can challenge an opponent from across the globe to a ranking game at any time of day. He will get his hands on the tools that allow him to shape the way he competes. We mean by that, for instance, the ability to form clans that later will fight for the most prestigious rewards. Or the ability to make single tournaments with a customizable set of rules. Unlike many popular online football management games, it’s the match that will wait for the player, not the other way around. The game is supposed to be accessible both to those who have a few minutes to play a game and to those who want to spend long hours every day.

We also want the game to develop the RPG idea Robert came up with on other levels than the manager classes. For instance, the player gains experience points, which is the iconic mechanic of the genre. Or he levels up a skill tree. And finally, he collects various artifacts represented as cards.

Rafał Cymerman: During one of the meetings we were talking about how many times we had a great virtual game, but the stikers would mess up opportunities over and over. And it hit us: what if there was an arcade mode started by a special artifact card that allows the player to have control with how the action ends? It’s a separate market of games popular today, which I still remember from the “Striker” series from the 90s - says Cymerman who, back then, developed as a teenager a cult classic ‘Polish League Manager’ - but let me be clear: Football Coach is a football management game, first and foremost. We like the STRIKER mode because we have fun there, but in our experience the creator of set pieces can be much more lethal, and so can scouting that will read the rival and allows us to adjust the tactic to use his weaknesses. Nevertheless, we believe that spicing the game with arcade elements might be a fun addition, for instance we’re planning satisfying minigames for practices which will pose their own challenges.


Another new thing will be the approach to fans, which differs completely from other football management games.

Cymerman again: When we were analysing the market, we were surprised by how much neglected in football games are the fans.  In Football Coach we want to do fans justice because a stadium filled with fanatic fans is something more than the revenue from the match day. It’s a unique atmosphere that impacts the way the team plays. To put things more clearly, the player can get his ultras. This will influence the players’ morale and the unique artifacts. There will be a manager class that will be based on the relationship between the fans and the club.

RL9Sport.Games’ motto, which they go back to in the harder moments, is “play different”. As a group, they assure that this is where the creative process of any aspect of the game starts there. This is why the creator of the club infrastructure and the stadium was made. The player can build whole club complex the way he wants, and even put it in one of many unique localizations. A manager will also be able to lead his private life.

At RL9SportGames they assure they are aware of the challenge, but Robert Lewandowski’s history is a natural inspiration here. “I remember the text written by Robert Lewandowski for ‘The Players Tribune’ after receiving the 2020 award for the best player in the world. He wrote: I remembered what my parents had told me: “Trust your instincts.” Deep down, I always knew where I wanted to go". The same way we believe that we know where to go, and our vision of football managment game will make players happy."

The technical side of the game is supposed to be handled by the shareholder of RL9Sport.Games, PlayWay group, responsible for international hits such as “House Flipper” or “Car Mechanic”. Football Coach is another attempt to make an AAA sports game with a global reach.

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Sports journalist well-known for his work with Weszło group. A football manager enthusiast.

Mateusz Chrzanowski

Game Designer

Founder of the biggest Polish Football Manager fan community. YouTuber, author of the biggest Polish channel devoted to football management games.

Rafał Cymerman

Technical Advisor

Author of the cult classic Liga Polska Manager 1995. Enthusiast of video games, developer, business analyst.

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